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NxNet Voice Mail

Voice Mail is very popular in western countries. With the development of economy, international cooperation and district cooperation is very normal. So it is very important to transfer the information and communicate with each other.
NxNet Voice Mail will transfer any information to you exactly and in time.

Continual Function
Continual Function is a important feature of NxNet Voice Mail. When you are not in the office, it is inconvenient for you to hear a voice message over your phone. Take it easy. NxNet Voice Mail will send you a voice email to your appointed mail box. Even if you are on a business trip, you will hear the voice message and deal with your business.

Web Management
You can log in your web to operate and manage your voice mail.

Record a personal greeting
You can record a personal greeting for your mailbox, to prompt the calling party to leave a message.

1) Get hold of every business opportunity and improve your business ability
2) Clear recording to enhance your friendly communication with your customers
3) Working assistant to improve your working efficiency
4) Movable working

NxNet Voice Mail--Hosted

Target customers:

  • Businessman/Salesman: Businessman need to go on business trips very often. Voice mail is just like a personal assistant. It can help you to record much business information.
  • Manager: Manager is usually busy. Voice mail will remind him of important things, such as meeting, negotiation, replying to a customer.
  • Foreign Trade Company: Due to the time difference, it is hard for foreign trade company to contact their customer by telephone. And email will not express the meanings clearly. Voice mail could help you solve the problem.
  • Small and medium enterprises: Prepare voice mail function for telephone exchange to grasp any business opportunity.