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NxNet MeetMe Conference room is based on NxNet IP-UC. It has four meeting types:
1)Web Book Conference Room
2)Web Ad-hoc Conference Room
3)Scheduled Conference
4)Ad-hoc Conference


NxNet MeetMe conference call system provides a convenient and efficient conference system for enterprises. It can meet most of the meeting demands. It also solve the problems such as mobility and long-distance. Wherever the employee is, on a business trip or at home, in the HQ or in the branch, it is convenient for him to hold or attend a meeting by NxNet MeetMe conference room.

NxNet MeetMe Conference Room--Hosted

Benefit for Carriers:

  • Customers can use the MeetMe Conference Room by renting from carriers. Customer can pay carriers once a month.
  • Carriers can provide favourable international and domestic long-distance call fee for their customers to improve their business earnings.

Benefit for Customers:

  • Reduce the TCO and improve the ROI
  • Promote the fast development of business by efficient communication with customers
  • Improve the satisfactory of the customers
  • Reduce the cost of business trip and improve the working efficiency
  • Cheap call fee provided by carriers help you contact your customers to your heart’s content