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  • Send the document through computer to save materials and paper and share in the network.
  • Keep secret to the fax document the document will be sent to your email box directly.
  • High definition
  • Put an end to garbage fax and save paper
  • Predigest working process to improve efficiency
  • Group Fax to extend the range of the fax and save time
  • Timed Group Fax to create more business opportunity
  • In favor of managing the fax documents
  • Economize hardware investment cost
  • Improve visualization of the enterprise and achieve the increasing of the business profit
  • ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­

NxNet eFax--Hosted

Target Customers:

  • Businessman: to achieve movable working
  • Small Enterprises: It is a replacement of traditional electrograph
  • Medium Enterprises: Improve definition and working efficiency; reduce the office cost.
  • Foreign Trade Company: Group eFax and timed group eFax can solve time difference problem