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Traditional voice communications can¡¯t meet the data network environment and flexible value-added application well. It is a must to change the communications mode form traditional, isolated mode to data, voice and video mode, which are based on IP.

For whether small and medium-size enterprises (SME) or multinational corporation(MNC), the present telephone system can not meet their demand. They are urgent to improve their communications efficiency. You can enjoy the highly efficient and integrated operation mode while reduce the implement cost and maintenance cost.


  • The communications cost in the company is zero.
  • NxNet IP-UC can help you save the long-distance call cost, including domestic long-distance and international long-distance. For example, if you have a branch in France, you have a customer call between China and France, you just pay the French local call cost for the call.
  • You can enjoy the free video phone meeting in the company.
  • When you are on a business trip, you can use a soft phone to achieve ¡°Roaming Extension¡± function. After that, you can deal with your work as you are in the office and save the long-distance call cost.
  • NxNet IP-UC support MeetMe Conference Room, up to 64 persons to attend meetings. It can solve your remote meeting problem.
  • NxNet IP-UC can protect your investment. It can connect with your existing PBX or analog phones. The PBX and the analog phones register in the IP-UC by gateway.
  • Value-added Functions: eFax, Voice Mail, IM, OA, DISA, Web800, Data Auto-backup, etc.