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NxNet IP-CC (Consultation)


  • Screen up with In-calls: Agents can know about the basic information and the business history of the customer. It will be close to the customers and improve their confidence and satisfactory.
  • Track Service: Agents can visit customers forwardly, such as satisfactory investigation, market research and activity notification.
  • Web800: Install a Web800 control in your website. When a customer is browsing your website, he can contact you by clicking the Web800 button. It is free and easy to the customer and will help you to attract more potential customers.
  • Expert Service: You can set up an expert agent to provide more professional service for your customers. Expert agent does not need to fix in one place. He can be at home, in his office, even on the trip. This is flexible and economic.

It is a good advantage for you to keep a long-term, friendly and efficient contact with your customers. NxNet IP-CC will help you to achieve this goal!