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Advanced IP technology and CRM are excellently integrated in NxNet IP-CC. Modularization design can achieve the customization to the large extent. This can not only save the implement cost and cut the project periods but also meet the customers¡¯ demand furthest to create more economic benefit and brand benefit during the use of the products.

NxNet IP-CC solution will provide all-in-one contact center service for the customers, ranging from before consultation, undergoing implement, after service to operation management.

NxNet IP-CC solution provides different kinds of link mode and network mode, such as lager IP-CC (Hosted IP-CC) to small IP-CC (Enterprise IP-CC), centralized agents to distributing network, telephone link to multimedia link.

NxNet IP-CC is developing independently. With the long-time technology accumulating, NxNet has win many Computer Software Copyright Certificates and Patent Certificates.

NxNet IP-CC Certificates:

No. Computer Software Copyright and Patent NO. of the Certificates
1 NxNet IP-CC Software 2007SR11374
2 NxNet IP-CC Management Software 2007SR14514
3 NxNet IP-CC Customer Software 2007SR14516
4 NxNet IP-CC Agent Software 2007SR14513
5 IP call center queue system 2007100364328

NxNet IP-CC Solution

  IP-CC (Hosted)
  IP-CC (Government)
  IP-CC (Consultation)
  IP-CC (Enterprises)
  IP-CC (Media)
  IP-CC (Finance)
  IP-CC (Tour)
  IP-CC (Post)