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Voice Mail

In the highly competitive business environment, you will miss an important call or a business information because you are on a business trip or not at your desk. And you cannot reply to the message so that you delay the customer’s time. Voice Mail of NxNet can help you solve the problem perfectly.

You are not at your seat just a call is coming. Voice mail system will instruct your customer to leave a message easily. After that, your Email box will receive a voice email. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can listen to the voice mail wherever you are. When you listen to the voice mail on your seat, you must key in your extension number and password to ensure the confidentiality.

Basic Functions

  • Listen to a voice mail
    You can easily access your mailbox anytime. After listening to a message, you can listen to it again, delete the message right away, or listen to the next message.
  • Record a personal greeting
    You can record a personal greeting for your mailbox, to prompt the calling party to leave a message.
  • Change mailbox password
    You can change the password of your mailbox anytime.
    Email notification of a new voice message
    The system will notify you by an Email message when a new voice message is left in your mailbox. The voice message will be delivered as an attached file in the Email message which is addressed to an Email address you pre-designated.
  • User GUI
    The system provide a full-screen user GUI (graphical user interface), in English or Chinese. It enables setting of various functions and display of users status. Such tasks can be done with simple mouse clicks and keyboard typing.
  • Voice Prompts
    The system provides intelligent voice prompts to guide the users (both you and the calling parties), resulting in easy operations.
  • Caller ID
    Caller ID will be preserved with a voice message left in your mailbox.

The size of all voice mailboxes in a Voice Mail system is decided by the server's hard disk storage size. So, in principle, the users could have unlimited sizes of voice mailboxes. The system is designed with superb scalability – When needed in the future, applications such as voice-based information query service, automatic fax, SMS, etc can be integrated into the system. In such integration, we can re-use existing legacy hardware which greatly reduces the investment cost.