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NxNet eFax

With the popularization of the enterprises, internet and many OA soft wares has been widely used. But fax is not a kind of deeply developed resource yet. In most of the enterprises, they use different electrographs to send and receive faxes. And there is no special department or person to settle these faxes so that the faxes is all around and information wasting.

NxNet eFax is based on T38Relay. It support iLBC, g729a, g711, g723 and gsm. T38 mode can keep good fast fax and integral T4 data image in the condition of network delay. Compared with T30 mode, T38 mode can improve fax speed and quality well. NxNet eFax also supports T30 mode.


NxNet eFax can achieve convenient, high-efficient and fast fax and save most paper and printing ink. It makes on paper office cone true. You can send and receive faxes without time and place limitation and settle your fax document by your computer.


  1. Exclusive fax number to ensure the document secret
  2. Send and receive the faxes by email
  3. Fax account management
  4. Movable working, without clime limitation
  5. Fax to many people at the same time
  6. Scheduled sending to solve international time difference problem
  7. Intelligent re-sending to save time and human resource
  8. IVR self-help fax
  9. Support different kinds of document formats
  10. The fax cost the same as the call cost (fax to PSTN)