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With fast pace of work & life, people keep looking for more convenient & economic ways of communications. To meet such needs, the advances of digital technologies enable us to put many functions on a device. So, NOVA is born.

NOVA (Next-generation Office Voice/Video Assistant), a unified messaging client to run on a PC, integrates various common communication capabilities (voice, IM, OA, Email, Fax, and contact management).

Such high integration makes it easy to use any communication capability anytime, anywhere to do your work effectively.


Raise employee’s work efficiency

  • Integrated messaging portal (voice, email, fax)
  • Personalized services, independent of hardware
  • Convenient communications – anywhere, anytime

Enhance your customer’s satisfaction

  • Quick, high-quality response to customer’s inquiry
  • Various communications media for customer’s access

Reduce cost and increase profit

  • Higher employee efficiency and higher customer satisfaction resulting in higher profit for your business
  • Our IP-PBX allowing co-existence with traditional PBX to protect your investment


  1. Internal Communications
  2. Roaming on a Business Trip
  3. Communication assistant in the family