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NxNet MeetMe Conference Room

Nowadays companies focus on team efficiency and information share increasingly. Meeting is very often. Traditional meeting needs every participant get to a given room. But in fact, it is not easy to invite every person to attend a meeting, and the face to face meeting is so long that the efficiency is low. After the conference call begins, the efficiency is increasing while the call cost is higher and higher. And then, the IP conference call is born.

Besides 3-way call (telephone supporting), NxNet MeetMe conference call system supports multi-conference room. Wherever the participant is, he can attend the meeting over the internet and will not cause telephone charge.

By clicking the menu of the administration system, you can create, modify and delete a meeting room. At present, NxNet conference room can hold 32 persons to attend a meeting (with a single room)

MeetMe conference room deploy chart

MeetMe conference room concept chart

Four ways to attend a meeting

  1. Web Book Conference Room
  2. Web Ad-hoc Conference Room
  3. Scheduled Conference
  4. Ad-hoc Conference

NxNet MeetMe conference call system provides a convenient and efficient conference system for enterprises. It can meet most of the meeting demands. It also solve the problems such as mobility and long-distance. Wherever the employee is, on a business trip or at home, in the headquarter or in the branch, it is convenient for him to hold a meeting by NxNet MeetMe conference room.