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NxNet Prepaid Card

NxNet PPC is based on NxNet soft switch. It is easy to switch between Chinese and English. The operator will have a rough idea of all the out-bound calls in the company. Thus, the company can greatly restrict the international long-distance call cost and improve the stuff’s working efficiency.

Each user has a user account. User should deposit some money in the account. During the calls, the PPC system will begin the call depend on the account balance. It will deduct the money according to the call time. If the balance is not enough, the system will end the call.

Some Functions of PPC System

  • Safe Charge
    Time-slice mechanism,ensure veracity
  • Different cost rate policy
    Cost rate based on country code or other special numbers
  • Bulky creation and bulky binding
    Recharge card bulky creation, account bulky binding with extensions
  • Balance Inquiry
    Web Inquiry and IVR Inquiry
  • Recharge center
    Collective management of recharge, suitable for large operation charge management
  • Statistics
    Detailed calls, calls statistics, fees statistics and analysis
  • Supply management
    Support PPC agent level