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NxNet IP Unified CallManager system (referred to as IP-UC) solutions are aimed at meeting the communications needs of an enterprise by supplying various carrier-hosted systems and enterprise-premise systems. With NxNets advanced technologies in integrated voice and data communications solutions, an enterprise will gain a lot of advantages in its business operations.

NxNet IP-UC employs industry-standard protocols and the most advanced voice/video codecs (coder / decoder techniques that provide the digitization, compression, and packetization processes). This enables high-quality networking and telecom services to meet the needs of multinational corporations (MNC), small and medium-size enterprises (SME), government agencies, hospitals, schools, and even home users.

Based on the experiences in designing Next-Generation Network (NGN) softswitches, NxNet engineers have designed the NxNet IP-UC system that perfectly integrates technologies of Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP), traditional PBX, video communications, SMS (short messaging system), etc., to provide a unified communications solution for an integrated e-office to raise employees work efficiency. Its the ideal solution for offices with 50 C 10,000 people or even more.

System Capability (with a single server)

BHCA 120,000
Max. number of virtual conference room 64
Max. number of concurrent calls 2,400
Max number of registered extensions 8,000


  • Auto-attendant
  • eFax
  • Mobility Office
  • Roaming Extension
  • Voice Mail
  • DISA
  • Call Count
  • Real-time Upgrade
  • Remote Office
  • Meet Conference Room

IP UC Spec