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NxNet Unified Communications products includes IP Contact Center, IP Unified CallManager and other module products, such as intelligent assistant, e-Fax, voice mail, MeetMe conference, Pre-paid card. All the products are based on IP and convenient to implement. It is easy to upgrade and protects the investment. It can reduce the TCO and improve the efficient.

NxNet products adopt excellent voice coding mode and save network bandwidth based on stable voice quality. Except main iLBC, Nxnet IP-CC supports traditional F.711, G.729, etc. iLBC coding can keep good voice quality in the condition of 15% lost package. The prevalent percent is 6%. Nxnet Unified Communications products, with silence suppression, echo cancellation and QoS guarantee, are more stable and excellent.

IP Call Center Unified Communications Module Products

Five Parts of Nxnet Unified Communications
NxNet IP-UC: NxNet IP Unified CallManager
NxNet IP-CC: NaNet IP Contact Center
NxNet NOVA: NxNet Next-generation Office Voice/Video Assistant
NxNet PPC: NxNet Pre-paid Card
NxNet NCC: NxNet Customer Care